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2024.4.5 FRI. 21:00 - 4.22 MON. 18:00

オンラインでのグッズ販売に関して / About Online Merchandise Sales

●本商品は、「hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP」「Geek Jack」での販売を予定しております。





●商品・販売に関する変更やお知らせは、本公演サイトや公式X (旧Twitter)などでお知らせいたします。



2024年4月5日(金) 21:00 〜 4月22日(月)18:00

▼hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP発送時期
●先行発送商品 : 2024年5月中旬頃予定
●受注販売商品 : 2024年7月中旬~2024年8月中旬予定

▼Geek Jack発送時期

●hololive production OFFICIAL SHOPでは先行発送商品を取り扱います。

先行発送対象商品 :




●hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP国際配送対象エリアにお住まいで、先行発送商品をご購入のお客様は、下記をご確認ください。



●This product will be sold at “hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP” and “Geek Jack“.

●Prices listed include tax.

●Prices and designs may be changed or canceled without prior notice.

●No returns or exchanges can be made with the exception of defective items. If you have received a defective item, please contact the vendor via the inquiry section of the item page.

●At the commencement of sales, access to the aforementioned websites may be impeded due to server traffic congestion.

●Any changes to or announcements regarding items and sales will be posted on the concert website and official X (Twitter) accounts.

●Products may go on resale at a later date.

▼Online Purchases
*Please review the following information before you consider making a purchase.

▼Sales Period
9 PM, April 5, 2024 ~ 6 PM, April 22, 2024 (JST)

▼hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP Shipping Period
●Advance shipping items : The shipping will begin in mid-May 2024.
●Made-to-order items : Estimated around mid-July to mid-August 2024.
*Note that the date of delivery may vary depending on the customer’s receipt status.

▼Geek Jack Shipping Period
●Made-to-order items: Estimated around mid-July to mid-August 2024.
*Note that the date of delivery may vary depending on the customer’s receipt status.

▼Regarding Advance Shipping Items
●hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP will sell items that will be shipped early.
Shipping for orders consisting of the following items is scheduled to commence from mid-May 2024.

Advance shipping items :
Essentials Pack
Face Towel
BIG Fan(13 types)
Penlight Cover(13 types)
Button Badge(13 types)
Random Polaroid-Style Card(26 types)

●Orders cannot be delivered within the advance shipping period if other products (pre-ordered concert merchandise, other limited quantity & made-to-order items inclusive) besides advance shipping items are included in the same cart.

●If you would like to have your order shipped earlier, please purchase advance shipping items in a separate order.
*Shipping fees will be incurred for each order. Please note that shipping fees cannot be combined with other orders.

●Advance shipping items are limited in number and sales will end once stock has run out.

●Please review the following information for hololive production OFFICIAL SHOP customers residing in areas eligible for international shipping and wish to buy advance shipping items.

○Delivery and Receipt
The delivery carrier is DHL.
Please note that international shipments may take longer to arrive than domestic shipments. For reference, shipments to the U.S. generally arrive in approximately 3 business days.
Please abide by the rules and regulations for the receiving area. Once orders have been placed, DHL will contact you and ask you to provide any necessary customer information.
COVER Corporation and its vendors will not be held responsible in the event that you do not receive your items prior to the date of the concert. In such cases, orders cannot be canceled or refunded.

Should a customer receive a defective item, COVER Corporation and its vendors may not be able to guarantee delivery of the replacement before the concert date due to international shipping.
*For additional precautions, please read carefully the “Legal Information and Notices required by the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions” of this store.